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Cairo, Egypt


Dinner with Sherif and Ahmed



November 14


I went shopping at the Maadi Grand Mall today looking for a stocking cap to wear on the desert campout next weekend. I couldn’t find anything, but got a call from Ahmed Hamdan (Sherif’s prosecutor friend who has studied social theory) and he was going to pick me up from the Muhammad Naguib Metro station earlier than expected. I rushed back to my apartment, got dressed, and walked to the Sakanat Maadi Metro station and took the train to meet him. We went to Sherif’s house, where we had a sumptuous feast (and I could name almost all the food in Arabic!—even bitingen!) with Sherif and his sister Sunduq. His mother, as always, observed, but did not join us in the feast. We sat around talking about ADR, and Sherif invited me to give a talk at a Legal/ADR conference next March here in Cairo. (He even asked what my fee would be, and I said normally academics in the US don’t charge fees for academic talks—but this is a normal way Egyptian academics must supplement their low salaries to feed their families.)


We were concerned about the soccer match here in Cairo between Egypt and Algeria (to qualify for the 2010 World Cup) which was being played right there in Nasser City, so we left early for the 60th anniversary concert for the Fulbright Commission at the Cairo Opera House.

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