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Cairo, Egypt


Dinner with Fulbrighters



Dec. 5


After working at home all day, I took Metro and a cab to Zamelek to have dinner with Karl Lorenz and Kathy Cain and their kids. Also unexpectedly visiting them was Sharron Brown, a teacher at their kids’ school who also happens to be the girls scout coordinator for Cairo. We took a nice walk through the Gazira Club grounds (where Kathy and Karl joined) and had tea at a restaurant. Kathy kept asking me questions about the Faith. The Gazira Club is huge, taking up the bottom 1/3 of the island of Zamalek. There is tennis, horses, golf, restaurants, hair stylists, etc., everything for the upper middle class Egyptians and a few expats. We went back to their house and I helped Karl make dinner. We had great conversation about our Fulbright experience so far, about their family trips to Upper Egypt and the Red Sea, etc. I didn’t leave until almost 11pm.

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