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My Visit with Mr. Cherif


Dec. 14


I worked at home today, and then met Amani at the Creperie Des Arts restaurant, but instead of a lesson, her driver took us to Mohandaseen so I could meet Mr. Cherif Asmat Abd Al-Maguid, the founder of the Islamic Hotline. This is a service run in conjunction with Al-Azhar University to answer anonymously questions Muslims have about their faith by scholars trained at Al-Azhar. They have answered over 20,000 responses in the last 9 years. He was a fascinating man, very spiritual, very humble, and spent almost 2 hours talking with Amani and me.


Then Amani’s driver dropped me off at Tahrir Metro, and I took the train to Saray El Kobba Metro station where I was picked up by Shaza Gamal, the Coptic art scholar we have met in our summer travels to Egypt. We drove through Heliopolis to “Planet Africa” a themed restaurant just like “Rainforest Café” back in the US. We had a nice dinner, and talked about AUC and Helwan University, where she just a few months ago got promoted to Associate Professor. She took me back to the train station, and I went back to Maadi and my apartment where I started reading a book on Islamic Philosophy.


Pictures from my visit to  Mr. Cherif:

Mr. Cherif

Mr. Cherif

Me and Mr. Cherif

Me and Mr. Cherif

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