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McDonald’s in Egypt

McDonaldization in Egypt


As I suspected, I am learning more from my Egyptian students than I would ever hope to teach them. I just finished grading midterm exams last week for SOC 201 Intro to Sociology. We have been talking about George Ritzer’s concept “McDonaldization”—the process by which more and more organizations are employing efficiency, predictability, calculability and control to maximize profits. In the US, you can see this not only in fast food restaurants, but home improvement stores, eye care, child care, etc. Ritzer provides a pretty strong critique of the impersonalization and dehumanization of McDonadization processes. So, I asked a McDonalization question on the Intro to Sociology midterm. Most of the students answered this question. Almost all of them assessed McDonaldization as positive for society, and they all said it was because of the very efficiency of McDonalds in contrast to the inefficiency and corruption of the Egyptian government and economy. I hadn’t thought of the benefits of McDonaldization being in stark contrast to the Egyptian corruption, but for them, McDonald’s is an example of something that works in a society where very little works.

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  • Don & Rosie Stoebner

    How interesting how your students see it sooo much differently. You will never forget this experience I am sure. Wonderful! I bet you waiting to see your family come Christmas time. What a thrill you are living. We are soooo grateful for so many things we have had the privilege of experiencing. I spoke (preached) in Mobridge, SD yesterday about we are caretakers of what we have been blessed with. In my faith I believe God has given us the gift of life and the gift of relationships. We don’t own anything, but we are to care for it while we live our lives on earth. Being a preacher, I thought you ought to get a sermon. HA! Don

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