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Ramadan Musings



It has been fantastic to be here in Cairo during the holy month of Ramadan. While slightly inconvenient for me as an American to confront closed shops at 2:30 in the afternoon, and hearing revelry outside my apartment window at 1am as fasters stay up late to celebrate, it has also been interesting to see the various sights of Ramadan:

  • Cars driving along and suddenly stop to hand out some food to poor people sitting on the curb
  • Men out in the street handing out water or dates as the sun sets to drivers who might not otherwise be able to break the fast
  • Families having picnic Iftars out in the Midan parks or their front “lawns” while colorful lights are hung in the trees, as well as the ubiquitous Ramadan lanterns, which I’ve heard are unique to Egyptian Muslims
  • Hearing “Ramadan Karim” (“Happy Ramadan” or “Ramadan Generous”) on the Nile 104.2 FM radio station, or seeing it written in Arabic on Pepsi cans!
  • Seeing the “Tables of Mercy” set up around the neighborhood. Wealthy people nightly throughout Ramadan set up dozens of tables/chairs on the street and offer a free meal at Iftar to anyone who comes by
  • People on the subway softly reciting the Qur’an or using their prayer beads

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  • Camille

    this is so nice… gives me a sense of being there. I have never heard these kinds of descriptions of Ramandan and it gives me a better understanding of the meaning of this holiday and religious celebration. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

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