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Cairo, Egypt


Dinner with Fulbrighters



Dec. 5


After working at home all day, I took Metro and a cab to Zamelek to have dinner with Karl Lorenz and Kathy Cain and their kids. Also unexpectedly visiting them was Sharron Brown, a teacher at their kids’ school who also happens to be the girls scout coordinator for Cairo. We took a nice [...]

Week of November 15




Week of November 15


On Monday, Nov. 16, I went to a Cairo Brass Quintet concert at AUC Tahrir in Oriental Hall. The members were Egyptian, Russian, and Japanese! They were very good, and played mostly jazz, ragtime, New Orleans blues, and some more Middle Eastern music.


On Tues, I went to hear a talk in the [...]

Week of November 9


November 9


Guitar Festival and Felfela


Tonight, after working all day at home, I met Amani my Arabic tutor at the AUC Tahrir campus at the old Falaki Building for Arabic lessons—we covered “the family”. I then ate dinner at Felfela off of Talat-Harb Street in downtown, and then went back to AUC downtown at Oriental Hall [...]

Fulbright 60th Anniversary

The Egyptian Fulbright Commission recently celebrated its 60th anniversary in Egypt–one of the longest serving Fulbright commissions in the world since Sen. Fulbright from Arkansas created the program. On Nov. 14, I went to Sharif’s house for dinner with his friend Ahmed and sister Sunduq. His mom prepared a fabulous meal once again, and then [...]

McDonald’s in Egypt

McDonaldization in Egypt


As I suspected, I am learning more from my Egyptian students than I would ever hope to teach them. I just finished grading midterm exams last week for SOC 201 Intro to Sociology. We have been talking about George Ritzer’s concept “McDonaldization”—the process by which more and more organizations are employing efficiency, predictability, [...]