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Cairo, Egypt


Downtown Hangouts

Downtown Cairo is a great place to visit. Here are some of my favorite places since I’ve been here:

Metro Tunnel to AUC

Tahrir Square

Hardees and KFC across from AUC Tahrir

Antiquities Museum at Tahrir

Felfela Restaurant down Talat Harb Street

Felfela Restaurant

19th Century downtown Cairo building

Groupi's in Downtown Cairo

Talat Harb [...]

5K Run at Wadi Digla

This past weekend, the family went out to Wadi Digla in the Sahara Desert for a 5K run sponsored by Cairo American College. We had fun hiking up the canyon to the race site, and the girls had fun exploring in the desert for shells and rocks. Katie enjoyed looking at birds.

Here are some pictures:

Family Trip to the Pyramids

Here we are

Katie and the girls climbing up the Giza Pyramids

A great photo

The family next to the Sphinx

Choral Concert

I went to a performance of Hyden’s at Ewart Hall at Tahrir AUC Campus:

Famous Ewart Hall at AUC downtown

Hayden concert at AUC Tahrir

Fulbright Pyramid Trip


Fulbright Trip to Pyramids


Dec. 10


This Thursday night, I met Karl Schaefer (the Fulbrighter from Alexandria working at the Bibliotecha Alexandrina) at the Sakanat Maadi Metro station and we went to Loucilles for dinner. He was in town for the Fulbright events of the weekend. We talked for a couple hours about Fulbright, his time coming [...]

Cairo Opera House

I recently took a trip to the Cairo Opera House to see an Arab Music Festival

Here are some pictures from the outside of the Opera House:

Cairo Opera House from just below the Metro Station

Entrance to Cairo Opera House–Fountain in Front

Walking Through Zamelek

On Wednesday, October 7, I finished a section of Chapter 2 for my book, and to “celebrate” I took the subway to the Opera House stop in Zamelek, and walked all the way from the southern tip of Zamelek to 26th of July bridge and had dinner at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, a place [...]

Golfing in the Desert–by the Pyramids!

On Friday, Sept 18, me and a couple buddies from AUC started the Eid al-Fitr weekend by going golfing in the Desert at the Mena Club in the shadow of the Pyramids. Only 9 holes, which you play twice (once using the white flags, and once udnig the red flags). We paid for caddies who [...]

Bus Tour of Cairo

Bus Tour


Saturday, Sept. 12. I took a bus tour of Cairo organized by AUC. We met at Midan Victoria where the bus picked us up. Dr. John Swanson, of the history department at AUC, narrated the tour supplemented with maps he provided. It was fantastic. We started at Tahrir Square in Central Cairo, then went [...]

Feluka Ride on Nile

To end orientation week at AUC, new faculty at AUC were taken on a Feluka ride on the Nile, where we ate Iftar–the traditional meal that breaks the fast during this month of Ramadan. These pictures were from Friday night as we got on the boat and enjoyed the sun setting on the Nile.

AUC [...]