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Cairo, Egypt


AUC Trip to Monastery of St. Macarius in Wadi Natrun

Last weekend, we took a trip through AUC to Wadi Natrun, to the Monastery of St. Macarius.




This weekend we went to Wadi Natrun (a depression or valley northwest of Cairo) to where there are four 4th century monasteries of the Coptic Church. We went to the Monastery of St. Macarius, and John Swanson from the [...]

Eid Al-Adha


November 27


Today was the first day of Eid Al-Adha, the Islamic festival that commemorates the sacrifice that Abraham was wiling to make of his son to God, but at the last minute was told to sacrifice a lamb. Muslims celebrate this festival and its connection to the end of the Hajj by each family slaughtering [...]

Another Visit to Coptic Church

Coptic Church Visit

On Friday, Oct. 16 I went to another Coptic Church in Maadi. It is the church on Midan Nadha. Being in the middle class section of Maadi, it was not surprising that the church was more upscale than those I went to in Mar Girgis. The church was more brightly decorated, and the [...]

This Past Week

This past week, we were still off from classes because the Egyptian government requested that AUC, like all the other national universities and public schools in Egypt, close down because of fears of Swine Flu. Thus, we at AUC have not had classes since Sept. 16!


I went to my first joint Anthropology/Sociology faculty meeting on [...]

Protestant Religious Services

Last Friday, September 4, I went to the St. John the Baptist Episcopal church for “regular” services. Many churches in Egypt follow the convention of Friday being the day of worship. So, I went to this very anglican service. All but 3 attendees were white, many from Britian. The service was entirely in English, and [...]