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Cairo, Egypt


My Trip to Beruit, Lebanon

Last week I got the opportunity to travel to Beruit, Lebanon.

Here are some photos:

Panel of Speakers at AUB

Other panelists

Reps from Prince Alwaleed Foundation

AUB Plaza looking toward front gate

AUB Church on campus

Main Library on AUB campus

Clock Tower of Main dorm at AUC

Looking in Main gate of AUB [...]

American Studies Meeting/Film

Here are photos:

Hany and Student Workers in American Studies

American Studies Center Director, Dr. Jerry Leach

Students discussing American Studies with Jerry Leach at Oriental Hall

Ahmed at American Studies Meeting

Students in American Studies

Talk at Oriental Hall on "A Crude Awakening" Film sponsored by American Studies

Jerry Leach leading discussion with Ahmed [...]

Last Week in Cairo Fall 2009


Dec. 15


Today was our last SAPE faculty meeting of the semester. There was a big argument about requirements for the MA students: research and methods, advising for the thesis, language requirements, etc. Again I’m amazed that they have not figured this out before, but Scott in political science said that their department is having the [...]

Last day of AUC classes/Fulbright reception


Dec. 13


I taught my last classes at AUC Fall 2009 for the semester: My 2pm Intro to Sociology and my 3:30pm Gender and Power in Development courses. Then I met with my RA Naseem and she gave me a bunch of material in Arabic and English on the plight of religious minorities in Egypt. Then [...]

My Fall 2009 AUC Classes

Here is my Gender and Power in Development Class on our last day this week:

Gender, Power and Development Fall 2009

Intro to Sociology Class Fall 2009

Intro to Sociology Fall 2009

Intro to Sociology AUC Fall 2009

Intro to Sociology class Fall 2009

Intro to Sociology class Fall 2009

Intro to Sociology Class, Fall [...]

First Day of Teaching

My spartan office at AUC

On Sunday, I taught my first classes at AUC. My Intro to Sociology class, which was to meet at 2pm, actually met at 1:15; and my Gender and Power in Development class, which was to meet at 3:30pm, actually met at 8pm. This was the modified schedule because of Ramadan, [...]

AUC Orientation Week

5 September 2009

 This past week has been hectic and frustrating. I sill have no AUC ID, so I can’t get into my office. I have no office computer or printer. My books have not arrived from the Fulbright office. Getting internet connection at home is a difficult and confusing process.

 But it has been a great [...]