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Cairo, Egypt


Ivy’s First CAC Band Concert

Ivy’s Beginner Band had their concert recently at her CAC school. Here are some pictures.

Ivy in Back in Clarinet section

Ivy's Band

Ivy and Maya in front of CAC Obelisk

Cairo American College–Ivy and Maya’s school

Here are some photos from CAC, where the girls go to school:

Down Road 253 on the way to CAC

Actually, the above road is 205, right outside out apartment

Midan right before CAC on walk to school

The grounds of CAC

Soccer fields at CAC, looking at Middle School building

Looking at the CAC playground [...]

Family Trip to Alexandria

Last weekend, we took a trip by train to Alexandria.

Here are some photos:

Pompey's Pillar in Alexandria

Display of statues around Pompey's Pillar

Shelf in 2nd ancient library of Alexandria

Hallway in Ancient library

Katie and Ivy in the ancient library

Hallway and stairs in ancient library

Stairway in ancient library

Another staircase picture (just [...]

World Scouting Day

Maya’s Cairo Girl Scout Troop celebrated World Scouting Day at Cairo American College last week. Her scout leader, Amira Sakka, is the woman wearing the hijab. She is from Malaysia. Cool!
Here are some photos:

Maya's troup

Maya dressed up

Performing a song

Family Visit to Cairo Tower

Last weekend we took the train to Zamelek and spent the 70 LE per person to take a ride up into the Cairo Tower, supposedly the largest free-standing concrete tower in the world.

Here are some pictures:

Looking out on the Nile

Pink Building is the Egyptian Museum downtown in Tahrir Square

Looking south along the [...]

One Month in Cairo: Katie




Feb. 16


Greetings again!  Lots to tell about.  Much will probably be repeat info if you’re following Mike’s blog (http:\\, but I’m sure we’ll emphasize different things.  Mike avoids having too much about the girls on the blog, too.  They’re doing okay.  Maya seems to enjoy herself more than Ivy, although that’s typical at home, too.  [...]

Family Trip to Khan-i-Khalili

Last weekend we took a family trip to Khan-i-Khalili, the great market in the Old Islamic quarter of Cairo.


Khan-i-Khalili is the largest outdoor markets in the world (same claim is made by the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul). We walked around most of the afternoon, shopping in the mahal and ate at the Naguib Mahfouz restaurant. [...]

First Week of Family Move to Cairo: Katie

January 16, 2010

Hi!  All is well here.  We got here fine and the girls are ready to start their second week of school.  They’ve both had some homesickness, and we’ve all had sleep issues but that should get better before long.  We like the girls’ school.  Maya’s teacher is nice and she is starting to [...]