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Cairo, Egypt


My Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

I recently went to Edinburgh for a British Sociological Society conference focusing on the sociology of religion.

Here are some pictures of Edinburgh:

Mayfield Guest House where I stayed the first and last nights

Street up from my Guest House in Edinburgh

One of the many churches in Edinbugh that closed down and became something else: [...]

Fulbright Event: Religious Dialog

On Feb. 23, Fulbright sponsored a film and panel discussion on religious dialog in Egypt. It focused on Muslims and Christians.

Here are some photos:

Panel leading discussion

Audience for the discussion (Sondoss and Sherif in foreground)

Fulbright Reception at the Lohofs’


October 30


The Fulbrighters met at Bruce and Annamarie Lohof’s house for a Fulbright dinner tonight. I went with Sussan Babaie and Richard in their car. This night was for the scholars (the students had another night at the Lohofs). I had an extended conversation with Bruce (director of the Fulbright Commission of Egypt) about the [...]

Week of November 23




November 23


Fulbright Selection Committee and “The Thief”


This morning, I took the train to Dokki to the Fulbright office to participate in a panel to choose Fulbright candidates who would represent Egypt at US institutions. A packet of 3 candidate files had been delivered to my apartment last week, and I finished reading them this morning. [...]

Al-Azhar Discussion at Fulbright center


Al-Azhar Discussion


November 8


Fulbright Center Lecture


I let class out early in the Gender and Power in Development class to catch the bus from AUC to Tahrir Square, and then took the train to Dokki and hoofed it to the Fulbright office to hear a lecture given by Dr. Ibrahim Negm, the advisor to Dr. Ali Gomaa, [...]

My Arabic Tutor–Amani

I have been tutored all semester by Amani, a fabulous Arabic tutor and translator.

Here she is at the white board giving me a lesson:

Amani giving a lesson

Amani giving a lecture

Amani lecturing

Creperie Des Arts, where we sometimes met for lessons

Located on Misr-Helwan Street in Maadi

Visits to ARCE

Starting Monday, Oct. 12, and then again on Monday, Oct. 19, I attended a lecture at the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE).

Here are some pictures on the way there.

Mugamma Building on Tahrir Square–the national government bureaucracy of Egypt

Old Campus of AUC off of Tahrir Square in the Heart of Cairo

Egyptian Antiquities [...]