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Cairo, Egypt


Last Week in Cairo

I’m playing catch-up on my diary. Last week was the first week of class, as I’ve already written about. I also met with Dr. Jerry Leach on Monday, Sept. 7, the director of American Studies. We talked of two possible projects that I could work on: interfaith dialog research, and/or mediation/conflict resolution research with Sherif [...]

More Pictures of AUC

More pictures:

Bustling Campus


AUC Library


Student Clubs during the first week


Upper Campus





Taste of "Home" in the Americana Food Court

First Week at AUC

It is Thursday, the end of the Islamic week, and I have finished my first week teaching at AUC. My students in my Intro to Sociology and Gender and Power in Development classes are pretty much like my students in the US. Most are young, and all are quite sophisticated about the US and US [...]

View from Apartment in Cairo

Here are some pictures of my view from the apartment in Cairo. As you can see, parts of Cairo, in Maadi where I live at least, are quite green.

View looking east from my balcony: Maadi


Just down the street is a “Soudie” Market that is part open air vegetable market, and part US-style supermarket.

Two [...]

First Full Day in Cairo

Today was a day of walking. I walked all around the Ma’adi neighborhood after drinking 2 cups of tea on my balcony and watching Cairo come alive below me (our apartment is on the 4th floor). I found a laundry, 2 grocerie stores, a book store, a Cilantros (a Cairo version of Starbucks), and several [...]

Arrived in Cairo

August 27, 2009
HI! I’m here! The flight from NY to Cairo went well, althogh it felt very lonely. Once I got to the Cairo airport, all my luggage was there, and Abdel from AUC was there with a sign for me and I found him right away. It only took a couple minutes to get [...]

My First Posting

This is my first posting.  I do not know what I am doing, but I hope to learn fast.